Harsh Trivedi

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I am a PhD student in computer science at Stony Brook University. I work in the Language Understanding and Reasoning Lab and am advised by Professor Niranjan Balasubramanian. My broad interests are Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.


  • Is Multihop QA in DiRe Condition? Measuring and Reducing Disconnected Reasoning conference
    Harsh Trivedi, Niranjan Balasubramanian, Tushar Khot, Ashish Sabharwal
    Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP), 2020
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  • DeFormer: Decomposing Pre-trained Transformers for Faster Question Answering conference
    Qingqing Cao, Harsh Trivedi, Aruna Balasubramanian, Niranjan Balasubramanian
    Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), 2020
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  • Repurposing Entailment for Multi-Hop Question Answering Tasks conference
    Harsh Trivedi, Heeyoung Kwon, Tushar Khot, Ashish Sabharwal, Niranjan Balasubramanian
    North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2019
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  • Controlling Information Aggregation for Complex Question Answering conference
    Heeyoung Kwon, Harsh Trivedi, Peter Jansen, Mihai Surdeanu, Niranjan Balasubramanian
    European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), 2018
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  • Noise Correction in Pairwise Document Preferences for Learning to Rank conference
    Harsh Trivedi, Prasenjit Majumder
    Asia Information Retrieval Societies (AIRS), 2016
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  • Author Masking through Translation workshop
    Yashwant Keswani, Harsh Trivedi, Parth Mehta, Prasenjit Majumder
    Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF), 2016
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  • A New Approach to Syllabification of Words in Gujarati conference
    Harsh Trivedi, Aanal Patel, Prasenjit Majumder
    Mining Information & Knowledge Exploration (MIKE), 2015
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